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Men’s Skin Care Tips

When we think “skincare” about 95% of us are going to think WOMEN but, MEN…what about your skin? It needs and deserves all the love and care too. A man's skin is thicker than a woman's and they create a lot more oil, their pores are usually larger and more than...

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Winter Skin

Winter Skincare Most of us love Winter. The coziness of the season and the overall vibes are just too tempting and comfy to ignore. We all love snuggling in a warm bed after a long day, in a hot bath or with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Such are the little...

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September: The MONTH of HONEY!

SEPTEMBER: The MONTH of HONEY! Hi, beauties! September is National Honey Month! There are very few things as pure and natural as honey, I mean, it is a ONE-ingredient sweet treat produced by bee's straight from beautiful flowers and plant nectar! Honey is naturally...

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Jade Roller!

What Is A Jade Roller? The latest craze in facial massage and lymphatic drainage is the Jade Roller! This fabulous roller is made out of solid Jade stone and when used with your favorite eye cream or serum can give an amazing massage to your face and neck. This cool...

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