Summer is over and pumpkin season is just around the corner. Summer was all about pastel eye shadow and oversized brows, but fall is arriving. It means that you need to steer away from minimal glam to something that can support dark colored fall wardrobe.

We’re all beginning to add a touch of warmth to everything from the décor we put up in our homes to the clothes we wear. As we make these transitions, let’s not forget to make those changes in our makeup too.

If you’re ready to give yourself a fall makeover, here are some of the makeup trends for fall 2021. 

  1. Coral Shimmer

This flawless makeup look hits us with two unexpected fall accents : a coral lip and a touch of body shimmer. We could be bundling up for autumn as temperature drops, dust a touch of highlighter onto your décolletage when it’s visible to draw attention to that area. Pair it with an orange hued red lip and you’ve got a seamless look that blends cozy autumn make-up with an end-of-summer fun. 

2. Burgundy Bliss

Monochromatic vibes going but amped up by the drama with this vampy, burgundy shade. Pair a lipstick in plum with an eye shadow like Berlin Underground Palette by Nomad Cosmetics for a cohesive makeup look that is both cozy and glam. Dark skin tone handles these ultra-deep shades just beautifully. The color can also be stunning on pale complexions.

3. Under Shadow

Remember the heavy kohl liner people wore on the bottom lashes only in 2012? It’s back, but better! Use shadow in exciting colors and go big with your lashes for balance.

4. Smokey Blues

For Fall 2021,  smokey shadows are going to get way more colorful. Here’s an example of silver-tinted cobalt that you’ll want to replicate.

5. Monochromatic Brown Beauty

Carolina Dali predicts that this monochromatic  brown beauty, the 90’s beauty influence will be hot this fall/winter. Match your eye brown shadow to your brown lip color. Add a little blush and color to the face so you don’t look washed out.

These are easy to follow makeup trends and are best for women of color. Wearing makeup is just a way to enhance yourself. Real beauty is still what’s inside of you.

Here’s a bonus for those who wants a more natural look.

6. Blushing Beauty

Neutral eyes with just a touch of gloss on the lips. This look is about bringing out warmth to the face with a blush! The perfect blush will vary depending on your skin type and tone. Pro tip: For a flushed effect-dust the blush across the tip of your nose.

Makeup looks better on clear skin. Make sure to clean your face before and after applying makeup to avoid acne break outs. 

For a clear and acne free skin, set up an appointment with us. 

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