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A Targeted, Proven Program
Fight Back Against Acne

As Certified Acne Specialists, we are passionate about treating problem skin and helping you achieve a glowing, healthy complexion! We specialize in treating acne-prone skin just like yours, and we have proven methods to help you clear your skin and keep it under control.

When you join our Acne Bootcamp, we will work alongside you to track your progress, recommend products, adjust your home care regimen, and perform bi-weekly acne treatments with extractions. Don’t waste your time with over-the-counter fads that don’t work—try a proven medical-grade program that will get you clear in 3-6 months.

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Our knowledge sets us apart as estheticians, and we pride ourselves on educating our clients. Reach out to us to learn more about any of our service offerings.

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Acne Treatment Solutions

Acne Bootcamp Specialist in Cary, NC

We believe in setting realistic expectations and working diligently with clients to address the underlying causes of their skin health concerns. While you are enrolled in Puresthetics Bootcamp, your skin will go through many positive changes, and you can expect to be clear (or close to clear) of acne in 3-6 months as long as you are consistent and diligent with your regimen. Learn more about the steps and techniques we use below.

The Best Acne Products & Techniques

We will customize a home care regimen for you that takes 5 main points into consideration:

Type of acne
Skin type
Skin color
Skin sensitivity

Our estheticians are able to take these factors into account when designing your skincare routine to produce better results. The biggest part of getting your skin clear will be your commitment to doing your home care as instructed and following our lifestyle guidelines.

What Clearing Your Acne Will Require

That you stick with your home care regimen 2x a day
Check-ins and/or treatments every 2 weeks
Home care adjustments – consistent adjustments to boost your regimen
Lifestyle adjustments – reduce triggering foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, and pore-clogging ingredients in your skincare and hair products

Your esthetician will closely monitor your progress and make sure you have the best regimen for your skin type. We’ll make adjustments as necessary to get your skin healthy and clear the fastest way possible.

Adjustments To Home Care

Every 2 weeks, we take time to assess your progress and determine whether or not we can make your home care a bit stronger. We do not want your skin to get used to the products to the point that they become ineffective. However, we also don’t want to make the regimen so strong that your skin gets dry and irritated. Making careful assessments and adjustments as we go will keep your skin on a strong path to getting clear and staying clear long-term.

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Not Sure If Acne Bootcamp Is Right For You?

Schedule an appointment for our Signature Facial Treatment. Come relax and balance your skin’s hydration levels, and we can assess if the Bootcamp is best for your skin type at that time.

Your Acne-Clearing Program FAQs

Here’s a breakdown of our Bootcamp costs:

  • Initial Consultation + Treatment – 90min – $250
  • Follow Up Acne Treatments Bi-Weekly – 45min – $120
  • Monthly Maintenance Treatments – 75min – $175
  • First Set of Home Care Products – $150 to $180
Certain prescription medications, lifestyle, and food choices can irritate the skin and wreak havoc on your entire system, leaving many side effects that linger for years. Our Acne Bootcamp works to undo this damage and start healing your skin on a cellular level. We tailor our treatment plans to each client’s unique needs.
Yes! Our acne facials are specialized treatments designed to target and combat acne breakouts, blemishes, and other skin concerns associated with acne-prone skin. Our Teen Acne Treatment is for clients 17 and under and includes: double cleanse, steam, extraction, mask, exfoliation, and education on proper skin care. We’ll thoroughly go over how to treat and care for/prevent acne, including a discussion of diet and lifestyle choices.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, we work with anyone to provide custom solutions for addressing acne.

It’s worth noting that by following our Bootcamp regimen instead of just coming in for occasional facial treatments, clients see stronger, more consistent results and experience greater relief.

Specialized Skin Care Services

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Start your skincare journey today! The Puresthetics Skin Care Acne Bootcamp is about more than clearing dead skin cells and excess oil. It’s about managing a pervasive skin condition to alleviate pain and irritation at the source.

Through customized skin care products and dynamic treatment options, our estheticians will have your skin under control in no time. Book your consultation or Acne Bootcamp appointment today to get started.

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