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Living Life Intentionally

As I get older it becomes more clear to me that every step of life has to be intentionally organized otherwise we are just going along with someone else’s program and our lives can get out of control very quickly. Over the past year and a half, I had put on a lot of weight and I was at my heaviest in life. I was feeling horrible, and miserable in my own body. I’m used to feeling light in my mind, body, and soul. I don’t make a habit of holding onto anything that doesn’t make me happy or bring me joy but I found myself holding onto 30-40 extra pounds that was weighing me down like an anchor.


after a lot of starting and stopping working out, I committed to 30 days of walking. I made myself get up and walk around my neighborhood every single day no matter what. I also did a few YouTube workouts at home. Having the Apple Watch has helped me as well because they have goals to meet every day and I challenge myself to hit those daily goals. This was about 2 months ago and I am down 25lbs! I changed my eating habits as well. I limit sugar and eat less carbs and more protein. When it comes to living intentionally, I realize that literally every thought that enters my mind has to be processed and I have to remember to think good thoughts, say good things, and make the right choices that will move my body and life in the direction I want it to go.

If I want to fit a certain size of clothing, I need to be mindful of everything I put in my mouth. If I want to feel good in my spirit, I must be mindful of what I am listening to and watching on TV.

I am reading more books and listening to podcasts that teach me about finances, business, and a happy, healthy lifestyle. One book I am reading now is called Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. This one opened my eyes to the fact that you don’t have to be wealthy to be able to retire very comfortably. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about what you do with the money you have now. My intention with my finances is to allocate enough funds into different baskets so that I set myself up for success within the next 10 years.


A few of my favorite podcasts I’m currently listening to have to do with upgrading my knowledge of stocks, the economy, and my overall health and mindset.


Here are a few of my faves:

Earn Your Leisure

Wake The Fake Up

Social Proof

The School Of Greatness


I try to be mindful about what I consume across the board. I just want to feel and look good as I age and I’m learning better habits on how to make that a reality.

Continue with my self-care of setting boundaries, and going to the doctor, chiropractor, nail salon, and massage therapist to keep my body feeling optimal so I can execute the plan to reach my goals.

Another thing I’ve had to incorporate into my day is stretching my muscles after walking/working out. This has helped immensely because I was in so much pain after gaining all that weight and being more sedentary.

As we become more clear about the life we want, every choice we make has to bring us closer to that lifestyle, or else it’s pulling us further away. Living intentionally takes strength, courage, and determination. Life is hard, nobody has it easy so we mid as well strive to live the best lives we can.

Sending you lots of Love and High Vibes! Happiness is your birthright, fight for it!


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