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Eat Your Way to Healthy, Acne-Free Skin

If you have ever been to the dermatologist and they have told you that your diet does not affect your skin, they lied to you.

When they say, “You are what you eat”, that is exactly true. Our bodies create skin cells with the food and nutrients we put inside our mouths. We all have what’s called a “micro biome”.

This is all of the bacteria and microorganisms that live in and on our bodies and skin. They feed off of what we consume, so it’s important to keep ourselves healthy from the inside out. I will get into the micro biome in another blog post but for now, let’s discuss acne and inflammation.

Acne is triggered by many things and it is important that you become very mindful of everything you are consuming and try to identify what could be causing your skin’s inflammation.

Acne is a hereditary condition. The pores in acne prone skin shed skin cells faster than a normal skin type. When this happens, the follicle can not handle the abundance of skin cells. Bacteria begins to get in the mix and inflammation erupts causing a pimple, whitehead, comedone.

Try to eat a well balanced, anti-inflammatory diet with foods that are high in Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids. These have been proven to significantly reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers, diabetes, arthritis, depression, acne and more, so let’s do our best to stay healthy and acne free.

Taking zinc supplements is something I highly recommend to all of my Acne Bootcamp clients. They will take zinc as long as they are on the acne program, then take a break. Zinc can reduce the amount of Copper we have in the body, so taking Zinc that also contains Copper is good too.

Try this Source Naturals OptiZinc Methionine Sulfate 30mg, 240 Tab

Here are some of my favorite foods that help keep my belly small and my skin clear.

1. Avocados – Growing up in California these were in abundance. I can just slice them, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and eat the whole thing. Excellent source of Omegas and PACKED full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Check out this cool article about the benefits of this amazing fruit!

2. Green Tea – Everyone who knows me knows about my tea obsession. I drink it daily, making my own blends with other dried fruits and herbs. Tea (and coffee, but tea has more) contains antioxidants and polyphenols that keep inflammation down and boost heart health.

I wrote a blog post about my love of tea, you can read about it here

3. Spinach – We eat this around my house a lot. I chop some into salads or sauté with a little olive oil and fresh garlic, maybe a little lemon. It’s delicious, super nutritious.

4. Salmon – One of my favorite fish! I eat it once or twice a week. It has high amounts of anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s, great source of protein and potassium. Other fish with healthy fats are Tuna, Mackerel, Sardines.

5. Peaches – Fresh peaches (not canned) have a ton of vitamins such as Vitamin C, K, A, E, Copper, Niacin and more! Not to mention they’re packed with antioxidants that keep that fight oxidative damage in cells and keep the skin plump and youthful.

Try to eat as much fresh fruits, veg and fish as you can. Drink plenty of water daily to keep the toxins from building up in your system and don’t forget to break a sweat!

Exercise, walking, yoga, anything physical that makes you break a sweat is helping the lymphatic system purge unwanted toxins from the body.
I hope you found these tips helpful and have been able to incorporate more wellness into your daily life.


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