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I am not a member of ‘Team No Sleep’!

Have you heard the saying “Team no sleep”? It’s even a popular hashtag (#teamnosleep) amongst business professionals and busy entrepreneurs. A lot of celebrities use it to describe their work ethic. They say #teamnosleep as if they are literally working on their goals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Some people are only sleeping 2-3 hours a night and run around like a chicken with their head cut off the rest of the day. This is total madness to me! People always ask me when I have time off because I am always working, when you own your own business you technically are always working. Here’s the thing, my health (mental, physical and spiritual) is the number one priority in my life.


My body needs a lot of rest in order to carry out the day to day tasks of running and building a successful business. I try to get into the bed by 10 every night and I am up around 6-7, that is a lot of sleep. I create my days with plenty of time to go to the gym, meditate, work with clients and spend time with my family, it’s all about balance. I take a quick trip here and there to recharge and get inspired, then I am right back to doing what I love. That’s the thing, when you are doing something that inspires you and you are truly in love with it, it never really feels like work. Everybody is different, some people function just fine on 5 or so hours of sleep at night, and if that works good for you, then make sure you get those 5 hours. For me, I need a bit more than that. I notice that when I am not sleeping enough, I wake up and my face looks puffy. When we sleep, the body is able to use it’s energy repairing damaged cells and rebuilding new ones. This keeps us looking and feeling young and vibrant.


Here are a few things I do to help get a good nights sleep:

  1. Read before bed– this helps me settle down and prepare my mind for rest.
  2. Shower or take a hot bubble bath– I will add some lavender or spearmint essential oil for relaxation
  3. Listen to calming meditation music on low– My favorite station is Deepak Chopra on Pandora, set the timer to go off on in 60 mins.
  4. Meditate– My form of meditation is to think of all the things I have to be grateful for and begin to express that gratitude to spirit. I practice talking to and loving on myself, then just laying in silence, feeling the love that is inside and all around me. Love is always there..
  5. Sleep with little clothes on
  6. Keep the air in the house cooler than normal- Studies show that we sleep better when the air is cooler.. will also keep you from uncomfortable night sweats.

One or all of these things is sure to calm me right down and put me in a relaxed state. Before I know it, I am snoozing away.. Let’s all do ourselves a favor and make sleep a priority in our lives!


What are some of the things that help you sleep?


Comment, share and let me know!

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