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A lot of people still underestimate the power of drinking water and the effects it has on the skin and overall health. Drinking water is very simple yet many still need to be reminded to hydrate themselves regularly.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and other foreign objects from entering our body. It prevents fluid loss and serves as a thermoregulator. Drinking more water is one way we can protect our skin and get that natural, glowing, healthy skin we want.

How hydrating helps improve skin:

Maintain ph Balance 

Drinking more water ensures that your ph value is balanced, giving you a healthier skin. This is also the reason why you need to wash off with water after using a face wash to maintain correct ph balance. Rinsing your face with cool water after washing can slightly reduce inflammation as well.

Flush out toxins

Drinking water and staying hydrated flushes away the toxins from our body. These toxins can cause many issues that can directly relate to acne struggles. Increase your daily water intake to improve your skin’s health and your body. It’s the most natural way to detoxify our skin and body.

Reduce Wrinkles and Preserve Elasticity of the Skin

Water keeps you hydrated and helps maintain its elasticity. People who drink plenty of water are less likely to suffer from scars, wrinkles and soft lines and won’t show as many signs of ageing as those who drink less. 

If your skin lacks elasticity, it could be that you are dehydrated. Drinking more water helps hydrate your skin and plump up your cells. Under eye areas can also appear dark when your skin loses its elasticity.

Alternative to Water

Not everybody is a fan of drinking plain water. While it is the best one to drink for staying hydrated, there are other foods and drinks you can drink too. Fruit juice, vegetable juice, herbal tea and milk alternatives  can add up the amount of water you get each day. 

If you struggle with drinking plain water, infusing water with natural flavors from vegetables, fruit, herbs are a simple and healthy way to make drinking water enjoyable for you. Making infused water is as easy as allowing your choice of fruit or vegetable to sit in the water for at least 3 hours. If you want a real tangy or fruity water, wait for 12 hours before enjoying it cooled.

Some examples of infused water you can try are strawberry + cucumber, lemon + lime water and blueberry + orange water. Throw in some herbs like mint and you have a fancy fresca.

How much water is enough for you?

The amount of water you need depends on your metabolism, weight, height and your daily routines. In general, adults should drink between 5 – 8 glasses of water, more if you’re exercising or doing physical activities and exposed to the sun. Here at Puresthetics, we have different treatments and products available to help you hydrate your skin. Set up an appointment with us for more information.