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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to De-Stress

Taking care of ourself requires conscious effort. Let us destress.

Here are 5 ways to help you do just that! 

On our list of things to do today, “relax” usually doesn’t make the cut. But think about how many times in a day you get frustrated: the car that cut you off on the highway, the unnerving email from your boss, the incredibly long checkout line at the grocery store. Overtime, daily stress can cause insomnia, anxiety and even depression. Stress isn’t to be ignored and finding moments throughout your day to de-stress is imperative to your health. We all lead busy lives and often we can’t carve out hours for ourselves, but here are five simple things you can to do de-stress right now.

Brew some green tea

A new study has shown that drinking five cups of green tea per day can reduce your psychological stress by 20% (compared to those who drink less than one cup of green tea). I know you’re thinking, “that’s a lot of green tea”, and even if you’re weary of these types of studies, think about the very nature of tea. The process of making tea is slow and requires patience; just boiling the water takes a few minutes and seeping the tea a few more. Tea is to be enjoyed quietly, without rush. Brew a cup of tea, sit in a sunny corner and take a deep breath, we promise, instant relaxation.  

Go for a 15-minute walk

When we exercise, even if it’s just a short walk, our body releases endorphins, which fight stress hormones and make us happier. Walking through a park or any green space during daylight adds a whole new list of benefits: sun exposure increases your body’s serotonin levels aiding in an instant mood boost. You’ll also stock up on Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) which aids in healthy bone growth and maintenance.

Turn up the tunes

If you’re lucky enough to be at home, turn up the radio. Blast your favorite song through the speakers, clear your living room and release those stress hormones through your dance moves. If what you need is to close your eyes and mellow out, listening to instrumental or slow tempo songs induce a calm state of mind. Whatever it is you need, if it’s upbeat, pop songs or slow, harmonious melodies, download a playlist on your phone and have it ready wherever you go.

Treat yourself

Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean getting a massage or breaking the bank on an expensive pair of shoes. Run yourself a hot bath, add some bubbles and line the tub with a few candles. Spotify even has a Bathtub Soak play list that we definitely recommend. The hot water relaxes muscles and the ambience you create will relax your mind as well.

Turn it off

Most of us work behind a desktop or laptop, when we’re not checking emails or writing reports, we’re checking our phones. We are constantly staring at screens. It’s the world we live in and we have to accept it. But when you’re not at work, keep your screen viewing to a minimal. How many times are you caught checking your phone during dinner with a friend, or watching a show before bedtime, or checking your phone again, just because. We’ve got to stop. Not only are we wasting an exuberant amount of time, we’re comparing ourselves to others, we’re reading distressing news (and even worse, the comments on those articles), we’re scrolling and scrolling and by the time we look up from our phones, we’ve missed out on what’s happening around us. Put your phone away, run your bath, listen to music and breathe.

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