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Quarantine Chronicles Vol.2 : Staying Centered

Hello Friends!

How are we doing? I’m not sure what day it is, I lost track a long time ago. These days I am just trying to stay focused and organized with things I need to get done weather they be home improvement projects, real estate deals, online classes, processing online skin care orders, exercising etc…

I know the world has slowed down, but for me it seems to be speeding up. A lot of the world is very sad and unhappy right now. There are major shifts happening energetically all over the planet and it’s important that we stay very grounded in who we are and what we believe. Meditation every morning is helping me do that, also continuing to remind myself that this too shall pass and I better utilize this time the best I can to come out on the other side of this ahead of the game.

I recommend you don’t watch the news. Stay informed, but limit the amount of time you watch it. One thing I know for sure is that the way to control the masses is through the media. I am a free thinker, I do not allow anyone to tell me what to think or how to feel, I research and investigate knowledge for myself and apply what resonates with me on a soul/spiritual level. I whole heartedly believe that this has been the key to my vibe remaining high during such a time as this. I am at peace

As most of you know, I am now a licensed Real Estate Broker, this is an exciting time for me as I venture into this new space and learn all about the world of real estate. I am sad that I had to close Puresthetics temporarily, but I am grateful for this time to be able to dive into this new venture head first. If you or you know anybody who is interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help in any way I can!

So let’s see, since the last email, my daughter hasn’t started online learning yet, I think it’s supposed to begin April 13 or something. Taking way too long if you ask me but hey, we are staying busy gardening, baking breads and cookies, taking walks, talking more and dancing around the house to keep our spirits high. Moving the body is a great way to get that energy moving up and out of the system.

We also planted an indoor garden with tomatoes, rosemary, lettuce, chives, broccoli and strawberries. I figure we better learn some basic survival skills, with the state of the world we are living in today, plus its great to plant things and watch them grow. Jade (my daughter) has always been the one to get her hands dirty outside, or inside cooking, painting, making jewelry, she’s my little artist, so she is really into the garden. I have always had a bit of a green thumb, I keep a bunch of plants in my home, they clean the air, look pretty and are great for mental health. Check out this article about plants and mental health

I’m a lot more social these days on Instagram and Facebook so follow me if you haven’t already. Sending you so much love and light! Focus on your blessings, help those in need and keep pushing forward.
Until next time.


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