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Quarantine Chronicles Vol 1

Well it’s been about 11 days now that I have been in the house and so far so good. Besides the fact that we are eating everything in sight and I am probably going to be the next episode of My 600lb Life, everything is going well.

We are safe, healthy, food on the table, we have love and we are staying uplifted in the worst of times.

This time of isolation may be really hard for many but for me, I am very comfortable alone. Sure I get lonely sometimes but I am never lonely enough to want to be around the wrong people. My energy is sacred to me, I give a lot of it to the public on a daily basis so I welcome times of isolation. It’s where I center myself, calm my nerves and create balance within my mind.

During times like this it will either bring out the best or the worse in people. Greed, hoard, fear, entitlement are at an all time high right now so it’s important that those of us who have our head on straight, continue to spread good vibes as much as we can. Reach out to loved ones, friends or even acquaintances just to say hello. Let them know your thinking of them. Even a quick text message can brighten someones day.

Being alone is forcing us to get really real about our priorities. What have we been doing all this time that does not line up with our goals (do we even have any goals) or who we really are at the core? What areas of our life have we been neglecting to see, change, adjust? This life is all about change, constant forward motion and if we are stuck, unwilling to bend and flow with life, we will eventually be forced into spaces that are very uncomfortable. It is not to hurt us but to get us to examine where we need to course correct or make adjustments.

Have you ever heard the saying “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready?” I live by this. I am always trying to stay ahead myself, creating, learning so that when catastrophe hits, I can grab my surfboard and ride the waves of change with ease. This life is tough, it’s supposed to be. None of us are getting out of here without some major ups and downs, it’s how we react to these changes that matters.

Sometimes I feel sad, depressed, really low but I know that these feelings/emotions do not last forever and eventually I will feel better, my mood will be lifted and I will be feeling great again. This is what gets me through. I talk to myself a lot when I’m feeling blue, reassuring myself that trouble doesn’t last forever and I will feel better soon.

I’ve learned to channel and use my negative energy to propel me into another space. It’s like alchemy, when you transmute your low vibes into something else. I get creative, I write things down, make a plan, start to move forward and little by little I am feeling inspired again, back in the flow of creation, doing what I do best, loving on myself and sharing that love with everyone else.

What are you guys doing during this quiet time? Let me know, share some tips we all can use to stay grounded and sane while quarantined.

Sending you all virtual hugs. Going to water my plants now.

Love. Love. Love.

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