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Q&A How many times a day do I need to wash my face? Cleanser

We got a great question from one of our Snapchat friends.

She’s a food blogger over at Order In The Kitchen, she makes some yummy recipes, check her out!

So she asked, “How many times a day do I need to wash my face with a cleanser?” She said she comes home from work and washes her face, but isn’t sure if she needs to wash it again before she goes to bed.

The answer to this question is different depending on your skin type. I will answer it accordingly..

Dry Skin:

For my dryer skin clients I tell them to wash face and neck every night with a gentle (usually creamy, lotion type) cleanser. Then follow up with a gentle toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream.

In the morning it is not necessary to wash again. I tell them to wipe down face and neck with their toner, followed with serum, moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen.

Oily Skin/Acne:

For all of my oily/acne prone clients I recommend they wash twice a day, morning and night with an antibacterial (anti-fungal) type cleanser. We use Vivant’s Mandelic Acid cleansers. This AHA gently reduces all inflammation, exfoliates and sloughs off all dirt, oil and dead skin trapped on the surface. They then need to follow up with the proper toner, eye cream and serum/moisturizer.

Different skin has different needs and it is important to consult with your professional esthetician so they can recommend the best cleansers/products for you specifically. If you need any help we are here to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact Puresthetics!

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