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Healing Through Reiki 1

Like some of us, I have been through a lot in my life. Raised by a single mother, then becoming a single teen mother myself, my life has had many challenges. Sometimes we don’t even know the repercussions of our actions until much later after the decision has been made.

One thing I now know for sure is that we must heal from our past or it will continue to haunt us for the rest of our days. We have to be brave enough to dig deep into the wounds of our childhood and nurture the child who didn’t receive what they deserved. We even inflict a lot of unnecessary trauma on ourself throughout our lives that we need to forgive ourself for and learn how to break cycles and patterns we have created, or perhaps have been created for us without our consent.
I was always a strong willed child, never following the rules, was a terrible student, and didn’t really take well to authority. I wasn’t violent or aggressive, just lacked focus and didn’t take anything seriously. I did what I wanted to do and I questioned everything.
That type of attitude is horrible for a child to have, but it is serving me quite well as an entrepreneur. I don’t think any business owner takes too well with having a boss. LOL
After my divorce and learning how to live a different life, on my terms, I began to question myself, like “Why am I really here?” “What does all this mean?”
The religion I was taught in my childhood, didn’t seem to make sense to me anymore. I needed more, my spirit wanted more. I wanted to know things for sure, not just believe what someone had taught me. Here’s the thing, everything we know is because we were taught. How many of us are really thinking for ourself, creating a reality that makes sense to us as an individual and not what society or family thinks we should be doing.
I began meditating every day, lighting candles and researching different cleansing techniques like burning sage and palo santo in and around my house. Even the Bible says that “This battle we fight is not flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle” (Ephesians 6:12), so I want to be equipped in this life with the tools I need in order to fight this battle.
Practicing esthetics for 20 years now is a very intimate profession. I am coming into contact with people all day who cary different energy. In the beginning of my career, I would feel extremely drained from coming into contact with so many people daily. I had to learn how to protect my energy and my space so that I was omitting my own vibe and not absorbing the vibes of everyone else. That was a long time ago, and I really didn’t understand how powerful my own energy really is, until recently. Now that I am older and much more aware, I can see clearly how strong my own spirit is and how it affects others. I knew that this was something I needed to research more and find a way to hone in on utilizing my energy in the most effective way possible. If I am going to be coming into contact with so many people, I need to be responsible.
I began asking My spirit for guidance about a year ago and I would come across Reiki from time to time just in conversation with random people, never really thought anything of it. I had never had Reiki before, and I didn’t know too much about it but as time went on, the call to Reiki became stronger and stronger, until it was an annoying, loud, uncomfortable feeling inside. Like I have to do this NOW! So I asked Spirit to guide me to the master who I need to teach me the ways. At first I tried a little course online, it was super cheap and I ran through it in about 30 mins. After that, I was supposed to be attuned by someone online, who I had never met. This didn’t feel right to me, so I continued to wait patiently to see when the right person would be brought into my life.
It wasn’t long after that, maybe a few weeks that I was introduced to my now Reiki Master who is local to me and we meet every week in my office or her home. She has taught me all the teachings of Reiki Level 1 and has physically attunes me 3 or 4 times. She attuned my head (crown), spine, hands and feet. I now can feel the Reiki energy flowing through my body, it’s pretty incredible. Reiki 1 is all about the self, learning how to meditate, get grounded and heal. I was instructed to practice Reiki on myself daily and learn how to fill each chakra before moving to the next one, then filling the next one and so on. The journey to the self is a daily process and practice that involves becoming aware of our triggers, learning how to move through them, conscious of our spirit and how we move about in the world. We should always be reading, learning and evolving.
We are now onto Reiki Level 2, where we will go more in depth on using the Reiki energy on myself and other people. I will begin sessions on others and continue practicing until master level. This journey is bringing up some painful, personal baggage that I am having to work through. It is necessary for me to work through these things in order to evolve into the best version of myself.
That is why we are here, to learn, grow and evolve into the best version of ourself. Expansion*
In actuality, I have been practicing Reiki in my skin care office for years, I just didn’t know it. Now that I am attuned, I am much more conscious and aware of exactly what I am doing, and I can help to facilitate healing for myself, my clients, and the world, what a wonderful feeling. I’m not exactly sure the part Reiki plays in my personal life or my business, but I know what is happening now, and that is total transformation.
We are either growing or dying, none of us have all the answers, lets remain open to learning new things always and forever.

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