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Facial Oils

Facial Oils

Facial Oils have long been taboo in the skin care world. We are afraid to use oil on our skin for fear of producing horrible break outs or congestion. Our skin produces natural oils to protect the water balance, ward off bacteria and serve as a mild sun protection. When we strip these naturals oils from the surface of our skin (with harsh soaps, astringents, chemicals etc..) we are more susceptible to bacteria invasion, severe dryness, and eventually premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles)

The key is to use pure essential oils, mixed with a base oil that mimics skins natural oil. These types of mixtures have a smaller molecular structure that is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and create a protective/restorative layer on the surface.

Suki is our favorite #vegan #organic line of skin care. They use only 100% pure essential oil blends in all of their formulations. Their products are extremely safe. I have never seen anybody not able to use them, even the most #sensitive skin types.

For oily skin types that need a little more moisture we use the Suki Balancing Facial Oil.

This extra light oil has a base of #jojoba oil, which mimics skins natural oil. When the skin is balanced this way it will slow down the production of sebum (jojoba oil tricks the skin into thinking that it has enough oil and does not need to produce more)

Also contains #chamomile, #lavender, #olive, and vitamin E. These ingredients are excellent for calming, redness reducing and brings down inflammation.

For dry/dehydrated skin types we use the Suki Nourishing Facial Oil.

This oil has a base of #jojoba, #sunflower, #grape seed, #rice bran and #rose hips oil. These oils are extremely nourishing to the skins surface. Helps visibly restore the appearance of strength and elasticity, preventing the signs of premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, dry flakiness and age spots.

Come on into the office and experience what Suki Facial Oils can do for your skin.

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