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What Kind of Eyebrows Are You?

What Kind of Eyebrows Are You?!

As era’s change, we have our fair share of new trends. New music, new fashion, new hairstyles, new food fads, and most importantly new eyebrows!! Most of us have experienced over plucked brows, shaved and drawn on brows, fleek brows and even overly filled in caterpillar brows.  At the end of the day, we’ve all did this in an attempt to stay on trend.
In our current era some people judge you on your brows before you can say hello, so for fun we took a stab at letting you what your brows might say before you even speak! Whether you go over the fleek look, natural or somewhere in between.

Find out what your brow say about you!

Bold Natural Eyebrows

Always on trend!

You are full of confidence, you are daring, and you definitely live on your own terms. You don’t let what’s right for everyone else shape your own ideals. You were made to strut your stuff and never take no for an answer!

Natural Brow Hack: Use brow gel (colored or clear) as your go to for an everyday day to night look.

Rounded Brows

Run the world!

You should feel great about these. You and Beyoncé have these brows in common and that is enough said! But seriously, you are creative, innovative, a go-getter and all about your business! You understand that you can be a bad-ass when you need to, but also step down and be free flowing of ideas and new ways of thinking. You are the perfect balance between two chaotic worlds!

Rounded Brow Hack: Use eyebrow pomades to define and color your brows while still having the shape you love to last you all day.

Fleek/Arched Brows

Thy name is woman!

You are the ruler of your own destiny. There is nothing you won’t do, and a person you won’t face to make your dreams happen. You follow a strict path and never focus too long on your downfalls. You are blunt, straight to the point and loved by all. You will be everything you hope to and more!
Fleek/Arched Brow Hack: Always keep strays away with handy tweezers and a brow kit. This will keep you on your toes and unstoppable throughout the day.

Thin Brows

There’s a thin line between love and hate!

People love to hear your input and ideas because they are extremely valuable but you only give them when needed. You are indecisive and you definitely go with the flow. While you know what, you want you don’t mind taking an alternative route even if someone else suggest it. One thing about you for sure is although indecisive your energy in kinetic and you are extremely reliable. You create a free and open environment and everyone loves that about you!
Thin Brow Hack: Start filling those babies out. Try growing them out with castor oil or a light brow powder for a slightly fuller look.

Straight Brows

Einstein has nothing you on!

You are intelligent, logical, savvy and an all-around winner. You keep things to a strict schedule and never verge to far from what you know. Doing this has landed you a great career, and amazing social life and an even better personal life. You are stress-free, worry free and you are going places!
Straight Brow Hack: Add a little highlighter under your brow bone to make your eyes and eyebrows pop. Make those brows of yours unreasonably gorgeous and glowing.

This is all in good fun! Let us know if we were right about what your brows say about you!



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