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The Benefits of Monthly Facials

The Benefits of Monthly Facials

One sure and positive way to take care of your skin is eating lots of nutrients and drinking lots of water…fruits, veggies, antioxidants, etc. You should always focus on the “inside out” when it comes to your body. Washing your face and exfoliating is another way to keep your skin looking its very best. However, no matter the lengths you take to great skin, some people are still prone to break-outs. This is where monthly facials come in…

Most facials include all the above…deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and hydrating the skin. It all feels great and when it’s over, you leave feeling fresh and glowing as bright as the sun. To reap long-term benefits, especially for acne prone skin, it is important to keep up the treatments. Think of your car, you go through these routine check-ups and maintenance to keep it running smoothly…it’s the same for your skin. You must think of it as an upkeep, without the routine maintenance your skin will eventually start going haywire again.

A few reasons why you should give monthly facials a try:

Routine Facials are Possible on a Budget

A monthly routine shouldn’t and doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Ask your esthetician what facials are offered and the price for just a basic (that may be all your skin needs!) and start with that. The facials that skip all the frills and extras, are still just as effective and beneficial! There are lots of different facial services, and everyones skin has different needs. Consult with your Esthetician to decide what is best for you. Many places, including Puresthetics, offer series packages as well. For example: buy 5 facials, get your 6th free!


Blackheads are almost impossible to get rid of without the professional care of an esthetician. Pore-cleansing strips remove a very small percentage of the actual blackheads present and a lot of anti-blackhead cleansers can really dry out the skin. Extractions really are the most effective way to get rid of blackheads for good. Typically, estheticians steam open pores and then unclog them using their hands or a special skin care tool. Please, we repeat, PLEASE do not try this process on your own. Estheticians use special methods and tools that keep redness down and prevent dirt and oil from re-clogging pores, which is extremely important.

If you have an event approaching, keep it mind that it is best to have your facial a couple days before. Usually any puffiness or redness that occurs after extractions only last an hour or two. However, if it is your first time it could last a little longer (everyones skin is different). About a day after the treatment, your skin will look brighter, smoother, clearer and ever so soft! Once you start receiving regular facials, the less extractions there will be, so the downtime should diminish.

Professional Tools

Microdermabrasion takes exfoliating to a totally different level than any store bought exfoliator or scrubs. There are two types: crystal microdermabrasion, which exfoliates skin with a fine spray of crystals, and diamond-tip microdermabrasion, which involves a sloughing wand to scrub away dull, outer layers of skin. Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is the gentler of the two and best for sensitive skin (this is what we use at here at Puresthetics). These wands exfoliate deeply without scratching or irritating. They create more of a vacuuming/suction type sensation. These tools along with other aesthetic tools, like the steam generators that pros use to loosen up clogged pores, are much more powerful and safer than at-home versions!

 Your Esthetician is a Skin Care Expert

Your esthetician has put, time, money, sweat and tears into their profession. This is their job, they know how to diagnose and treat the root causes of your skin problems. Once you have found the esthetician you love, stay loyal. They will get to know you and your skin type, making it much easier to treat your specific skin care concerns as they arise over time. Your esthetician will also recommend products and treatments to do at home. They are here to help you, take care of you and progress along your healthy and glowing skin journey!

A little clip of Elle performing a microdermabrasion facial

with an enzyme and whitening collagen mask!



Love & Light 

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