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Suki Organic Facial (100% VEGAN)!

Hi Dolls!

As you may know, we have recently released our INTRO OFFERS! These special prices are not only for our new clients, but existing clients as well! We are currently highlighting the SUKI ORGANIC FACIAL because Summer is coming to an end. Meaning, when seasons change, so does our skin! What better way to start fresh than with a facial?!
To get started:

A little information about Suki Skin Care products:

These products are 100% all organic, natural & VEGAN! Suki Skin Care was created by Suki Kramer, just an everyday woman that grew up with the same skin problems, sensitivities & allergies, and that feeling of insecurity & frustration that many of us feel due to SKIN ISSUES!

A Letter from Suki herself:

“Through my experiences, I realized something that no one in the industry is even touching upon – our skin is an expression of the overall harmony of what’s going on inside & most imbalances show up on our faces (this part we knew). systemic sensitivities with skin problems are much more likely to have severe skin conditions requiring yes stronger topical solutions & have a much lower tolerance to VSA’s (Volatile Synthetic Actives®) that cause MORE irritation & inflammation, a cycle of internal & external problems of all kinds &… are found in nearly ALL skincare products! to proactively address problems as well as all skin types with success, I must address core imbalances…& formulate high – potency products with non – volatile (slow, stable, deep delivery), 100% pure, concentrated ingredients from only botanical content. it’s not a choice of 100% pure OR synthetic anymore! we actually CAN have it all! (in our skincare anyway)
after a lifetime of fruitless searches, I made it my personal mission to create products that produce real, visible results – strong & safe for everyone.
“gentle” is the empty directive we no longer have to endure. “purity” with no effect, nope. capturing the power of “strong & safe” is the only answer for achieving & maintaining your most radiant, clarified, beautiful self… & the confidence that follows… enjoy it!
& of course… know your beauty®”

xo –Suki

Puresthetics Suki Organic Facials are designed to rebalance the skin.


We will cleanse and analyze your skin to determine the best approach for your specific needs.


We steam, exfoliate and incorporate a light massage to soften and remove dead skin.


A basic hydrating mask is applied and then followed by the proper toner and moisturizer.


Your skin will be left feeling REFRESHED AND BALANCED!


(original price: $65 and up)


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