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Spa Review – Heaven on Earth at Watercourse Way

Whenever I’m traveling I like to find local spas, massage parlors, reflexology studios and have one or two treatments done. It’s a great way for me to relax and see how my industry is operating in other parts of the world. I learn a lot and I get to meet other fellow practitioners, we share stories, tips and ideas, it’s awesome to connect!
This time I was referred to an awesome spa called Watercourse Way Bath House Spa in Palo Alto CA. Although I was born and raised in CA I had never heard of them before. Perhaps they are new to the area, I’m not sure but I had a marvelous time there.

It’s set on the corner of High St and Channing Ave in downtown Palo Alto, a beautiful quiet street lined with bamboo trees . The sun is always shining in California and this always brightens my mood and makes me feel better. The street isn’t super busy so parking isn’t too hard to find, I was able to park in a lot that had some free parking, it may have been for a grocery store or something, I can’t remember, but parking isn’t an issue.
I’m sure there is a way to get there via public transportation, probably the train or bus and walk a few blocks, either way, however you get there, it’s totally worth it.

When I walked in, the lobby has a boutique with lovely trinkets such as candles, books, cd’s, skin care products and so many other things to keep or give as gifts. There is also a soothing waterfall with little Buddhas around the base. Buddha always brings me a sense of calm and relaxes me right away, as does water. I didn’t wait long at all and was greeted by one of the front desk staff who took all of my info and my credit card, they actually take payment before the service is received, which I thought was a bit odd but she said it was so I can relax and I don’t have to worry about it after my service. Sure, no problem. The only issue I had with that is that you have to be conscious about the tip for your service provider, you can either leave the tip at the beginning before your service or have cash to leave it after, something to think about.

I arrived about 15 mins early because I wasn’t sure there was going to be any paperwork to fill out or what their protocol was for checking in. There wasn’t any paperwork at all, only to make payment and I was on my way. I chose the Zen Harmony Spa Treatment, which included a body scrub, clay body mask, full body and face massage and face mask, it was divine! The staff informed me that I would have about 15 mins to relax in the bathhouse before I was to have my massage treatment, so she guided me down a long hallway that had many doors, must have been 15-20 rooms in this place. My room was all the way at the end of the hallway, last door on the left. She opened the door and I was amazed! The room had a small bed to relax, a small hot tub, small cold water bath and steam room. I wanted to stay in there all day!
She informed me that my therapist would come and get me in a little bit and for me to relax in this room for a while. I was given a towel, robe and flip flops to put on after my bath and steam. So first I hit the hot tub and my mind just went to heaven. I closed my eyes and thanked God that I have the opportunities to indulge in such luxury, what a blessing. I didn’t try the cold bath, even though I hear cold water is great for the system and even going from hot to cold is healthy for the immune system, I decided to omit that step and went right into the steam room. Steam is my absolute favorite, I go into the steam every day at my gym after I work out. It’s so good to sweat out the toxins in your system, it also helps with inflammation and reducing acne and clogged pores. I stayed in the steam for about 10 mins, by then my therapist was knocking on the door to lead me to another room for the rest of my treatment.

We walked down the long hallway again and entered a treatment room with a bed and a shower in the corner. I was instructed to remove my robe and lay on the bed, face down. She left the room and I got comfy on the bed. First was the body scrub, all of the products smelled incredible, edible! Once she scrubbed my body, front and back, I was to take a shower and rinse off. Back on the bed for the clay mask, it was warm and had the sent of rose. Very light, watery mask she applied with her hands, then it dried. She wrapped me in a foil and I relaxed for a few mins, I believe she stepped out of the room at this time. When she came back in, I was to shower and rinse off again, which I did, then returned to the bed for the final full body massage and facial mask. This is when I went into lala land…lol. The sent of the massage oils were heavenly and she was an awesome massage therapist. She told me that she was actually dual licensed as an esthetician and massage therapist in GA and CA, lovely lady, her name was Rita. You must request her when you go, she is amazing.
I truly did not want to leave this place and I will be returning next time I am in the Bay Area, which will be sooner than later. If you are ever in the area, you must go. The address is: Watercourse Way Bath House Spa 165 Channing Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301 You can check their website here, they have some great specials going on.

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