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Self-care, Inner Peace and Yoga

I haven’t done a post about self care/love in a while and I think it’s time. Lately I had been going through some personal, emotional issues and when I feel this way, my instinct is to get quiet, heal, meditate and ask for answers going forward. (You will always get the answers you seek, all you have to do is ask)

Sometimes the only way to feel better is to surrender to exactly what is happening at any given moment. If you are feeling hurt or pain in your heart, the only way to get over it is to actually go through it.

I no longer try to hide or suppress my feelings or emotions, I do control them, but I want to understand and observe what I’m feeling rather than reacting to what I am feeling. I know that the sooner I sit with myself, the sooner I can move through the emotion and come out on the other side, feeling much better.

A few weeks ago I began a 30 Day Yoga Journey, really because I felt my spirit telling me to. Sort of like when I felt the call to study Reiki…
They say that Yoga is the path to Enlightenment because it teaches us to slow way down and become aware of our mind/body connection. When we become aware, we gain control over ourselves and our lives. The awareness we gain allows us to observe how we are feeling, with every breath.

We have to be patient with ourselves, especially when beginning a new yoga practice. I’ve had to learn how to move my body in a way that felt good to me, even if it didn’t look right.

Learning how to be patient with and loving ourselves help us to love and be patient with others. Learning to surrender to life is such a beautiful feeling. When you don’t feel the need to control or manipulate a person, place or thing, you are able to trust the unfolding of your life.



Here are some of the ways I like to practice self care/love:

Being mindful of the self, every minute.
How am I feeling right now
Am I enjoying this activity
Bubble baths
Long walks
Spa days
Healthy Boundaries
Sip Tea
Listening to a podcast
Eating well
Drinking lots of water
Honoring your intuition
Being kind to yourself
Rubbing oil on your body, self massage
Speaking life into yourself
Say NO. A lot
Take a nap
Burn Sage

This yoga journey is taking more than 30 days for me, I am taking my time with it, not feeling pressure to have to get it done every day. I also go to the gym most days and take other yoga classes as well so… I am on day 17 of 30 now and I am feeling much stronger, more flexible, calmer, more at peace and more aligned in my life.

My relationships are more connected and I feel so loved. One thing I know for sure is that love is always all around us but sometimes we block it due to our projections, interpretations and fear. For me, I want to always remain open and loving. The only way for me to be able to do that is if I go within myself and spend time alone doing the things that fill me up and bring me joy.

Yoga has been that one thing that is bringing me joy right now. Feeling the changes in my body is one of the most rewarding things, as well as the mental focus and sense of balance.

If you’re interested in this 30 Day Challenge, you can follow along on YouTube. ‘Yoga With Adrienne’ is amazing. She is so easy to follow and she’s great for beginners and seasoned yogis. Check it out here…

I feel that everyone should have interests, hobbies, passions and creative outlets that stimulate them and help raise their vibration. We (as spirits having a human experience here on earth) are CREATORS. We have the ability to think of something and make it materialize in this natural world. It is necessary that we use that creative energy and put it out into the world, otherwise that energy will be blocked and will manifest in other ways like, anger, codependency, depression, anxiety etc…

So what are some of the feelings we feel when its time to fall back and incorporate some self care? How do we know it’s time?

The answer is that it’s always time and we should never wait until we are completely spent to then take care of ourself, this needs to be a daily habit, but I do realize that a lot of women do struggle with self care. It’s not as common as we think. It is a new wave that a lot of women are jumping on and that’s wonderful, but still many women do struggle with self love, self preservation, and energy conservation.

If you are feeling:
Low Energy
Working too much/hard
Holding onto toxic people or things habits

Stop what you are doing and write down 3 things that bring you joy. Then schedule a time within the next 24 hours to do 1 of those things, schedule all 3 within the next week.

Take a few deep breaths right where you are and thank the creator for blessing you with a new day. What changes will you begin to implement to show yourself more love and compassion? Let’s all be more aware of how we are treating ourselves and others.

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