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Reflection Is Necessary For Growth

Reflection is necessary for growth


The Fall is always a time of reflection and transformation for me. Like nature I’m getting ready to shed the old and prepare for the new. It’s no coincidence that I was born in October!  Every year we should be striving to evolve, do better, be better, learn more and continue becoming the best version of ourself. I believe that’s why we are here on this earth at this time in space, to grow into the best. Nobody is you, nobody has the power you have, knows the things you know, walked the life you have and that is your power.

Around September I begin to take inventory of a few things.

  1. Business. What did I do well this year, what needs to improve, what isn’t working, what is working well?
  2. My energy. Am I loving myself enough.? Am I filling my own cup first? Am I sharing love, light and peace in a healthy constructive way? Are my relationships with friends, lovers, family elevating me higher or Dragging me down?
  3. Children. Do they know that they are my #1 priority? Do they know that everything I do is for their future? Are they happy, secure, esteem high? Do they get enough of my time and attention?



These are the top 3 things that are most important to me in my life. Your list may look a little different. Identifying our priorities and checking in on them often is what will keep us on the right path to success (not money, but happiness). The harder I work and the more mature I get I realize that happiness is not a place for me to run to or work my fingers to the bone in order to achieve, it’s right here, right now.


If I want to take a trip, I book it, if I want to hang with friends, I’ll do it, if I need a massage, I’ll get one. We have the power to create the life we want, we just need to align our priorities with that life.


Major changes

This month (October 2017) marks 10 years I have been in business for myself. There have been many, many ups and downs and I continue to swerve around, up and down, yet always keeping the main goals in front of me. Entrepreneurship is extremely difficult, but taking constant assessment of my life and priorities helps me check myself when things are getting a little loopy. As I evolve, my business is beginning to expand and take on new life.


I am going to be talking more about wellness as a whole Mind, body, soul connection, because this all ties into how well we look and feel on the outside. Our skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside our bodies, and that includes our mind and spirit.


It’s all about alignment for me now. Going into 2018 I have more clarity of myself, my goals and the life I want to live. I am moving into a new space spiritually and mentally and it feels wonderful.


This Fall let’s take inventory on what’s working and what’s not. Who needs to stay in our lives and who we need to quietly move away from.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

T. Harv Eker


Let’s spend more time in quietness, stillness, where we can listen to our feelings. These are the guides that will lead us in the right direction, but we can’t hear them when there is noise. Turn off the tv, don’t listen to the radio when your driving, lay in bed for an extra 10 mins thanking God for all your blessings (and you are so blessed, the fact that you are able to read this is a blessing).


Let us begin to elevate our consciousness into awareness. This is the path to overall wellness.




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