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Know Your Wax Style!

*Know Your Wax Style*

There are so many different terms for bikini/brazilian waxing styles and the names will vary and differ depending on the salon. There are many that travel often and can’t always visit the same skincare studio for their routine waxing. If it’s someones first time waxing, they may not know exactly what they are looking for or the technical names for each style. Puresthetics likes to keep it simple and to the point (trust us, it makes it easier on everyone). We are much more passionate about our clients and services than we are about naming each wax a fancy name!

We have put together images and explanations of each bikini waxing style that Puresthetics offers.



And WAH-LA! Now you know!

Before waxing, it is definitely best to do a little research or ask friends and family about their experience. Everyone is different and preferences will vary depending on who you talk to. You should also always feel comfortable talking to your Esthetician. Ask questions, get opinions, and follow instructions…your won’t be disappointed!
Here at Puresthetics we use a natural Hard Wax formula for all sensitive areas of the body, including the bikini area. It’s super gentle and warm. Hard Wax only adheres to the hair shaft, not the skin. This way the hair is removed without any trauma to the skin.
Our Hard Wax is created by our chemist up in New Hampshire. He uses Brazilian pine resin, bees wax and natural Azulene as a skin conditioner. We have been using this trusted formula for many years and it has contributed to our success!

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We offer A LOT at Puresthetics, including skin care products specific to YOUR skin type. Talk to Elle, and she’ll have you looking and feeling your best in no time!

 Love & Light
See ya’ soon 😉

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