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Jade Roller!

What Is A Jade Roller?

The latest craze in facial massage and lymphatic drainage is the Jade Roller! This fabulous roller is made out of solid Jade stone and when used with your favorite eye cream or serum can give an amazing massage to your face and neck. This cool little tool helps to reduce puffiness, bring healthy blood flow to the skin and aid in lymphatic drainage.

Lymph is a clear fluid that carries white blood cells. It gathers and pools around tissue in the body and moves through the lymphatic system. When too much of this fluid gets around one area you will see puffiness and redness. This is why facial and eye massage is so important during facials and you should spend a little time daily at home massaging your face and neck to get the lymph moving and draining towards the heart.

Here’s how to use the Jade Roller:

  1. Wash face and pat dry
  2. Apply serum onto face or directly on the Jade.
  3. Roll on face or eye area outward and down neck towards the heart.
  4. Repeat these motions for 2-5 mins..

The Jade is best when kept in the refrigerator, nice and cold it will help to reduce inflammation and shrink enlarged pores.

After doing this your face should look tighter, less puffy, more hydrated and awake.

Have you ever tried a Jade Roller? What do you think about it? Let me know..

I have a few of these for sale (not on the website) If you are interested, email me @ and I’ll send you an invoice. Cost $15

Also pictured in the pic is one of our favorite eye creams Suki Eye Lift Renewal. Excellent for the delicate eye area..soothes, reduces puffiness, softens fine lines and makes your eyes look more awake! Available online or in the office.

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