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Happy New Year! 2018 is here!

What a time to be alive!


We only get one life in this body and it’s our duty to make sure we are living, loving and creating. One of my goals this year is to make sure I am very intentional about creating more meaningful relationships in my life. We will never know everything and that’s why relationships are so important. If we don’t know the answers, we should know somebody who does. It takes effort and intension to cultivate these meaningful relationships, you may have to go out of your way to establish them, but surrounding yourself with other like minded people is the best way to learn and grow.



These are just a couple of ways I like to meet new people:


1. – There are so many awesome groups of people in every industry, from every walk of life. Whatever your into, there is a meet up for it, and if you don’t find one, create one!


2. Social Media – That’s the whole point right? To be ‘SOCIAL’?? I comment a lot on other peoples posts, it sparks conversation and allows me to engage with people I would never cross paths with. I send DM’s (direct messages), emails, whatever I feel like if I am intentional about connecting with someone specific.


3. Attend Conferences and Workshops – This is one of my favorites, gives me a chance to travel a little bit and learn about something new. Perfect place to connect with like minded people, they’re there for the same reason you are!



In a couple of weeks I’m headed to NY for a vision board manifestation workshop hosted by a couple of amazing women I have been following for years on social media. I am super excited and best believe I will be going out of my way to exchange contact information with these ladies and maintain correspondence in the future. Who knows, maybe we will work together some day! -See how I put that out there…Ha!

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