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Growth On My Terms


I was recently asked to do a feature in a girlfriends blog. She calls it Growth On My Terms. I was super excited because of course, I am living and growing on my own terms. We all grow, learn and evolve differently, at different times, speeds and ways. This is how I define my life, what I have learned along the way, and how I am growing on my own terms!



We want to share the  Growth On Our Terms feature
Here’s what she has to say about growing in her own terms:

🌱Name: Elle Lorenzetti
🌱Occupation: Owner- Puresthetics Skin Care. Licensed Esthetician

🌱How is she growing on my terms? “I do not follow any rule book, I am the creator of my own life. I follow my spirit and allow my soul to lead me in the right direction. I move through life by the way I feel, it’s almost like I’m blind and I am feeling my way around in the darkness making sure I am not bumping into anything. When I do come up against road blocks, I find a way to move around them. I am determined to grow as a woman, business owner, mother and friend. Anything that does not line up with my goals, must be limited or removed. My life has purpose, I have realized that I’m here for a reason, people need me. Since realizing this, I move a little different. I am very protective of my space and I meditate a lot. I have to keep myself aligned and balanced so that I am able to give my energy and time to those in need. Life is amazing when you take control of it and watch it unfold.”

🌱Her definition of success:
“Success for me is a thriving business, happy/healthy children and my own mental clarity (true happiness).”

🌱Her tip for staying the course in the face of challenges:
“Challenges are what teach us the lessons we need to know. I believe everything is a lesson, the question is, what are you going to do about it? When you look at challenges as tests, they’re easier to overcome.”

Thank you, Elle for dropping these gems on my community.
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