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Back To School – Hair, Make-up…AND CLEAR SKIN!

Calling all the young beauties (LADIES & GENTS)!

We know, we know…most middle school’s and high school’s have already started and you are all getting back into the swing of things. For all the college goers, you are probably in the process of finishing up all your last shopping needs, getting your classes in order and dreading those early mornings. Along with all the stress, you may have forgotten to take care of your skin, or you’re running out of time to get that one last hair cut in before you move. We are here to help you with lots of wonderful tips on how to quickly get back to feeling yourself in one of the most hectic times of the year!

First AND Most Importantly – TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN

Our skin is one of the first things to freak out when we’re stressed or eating poorly. Breakouts can be frustrating and unfortunately can cause us to feel a little self-conscious or unlike ourselves. Homework overload, late nights studying and eating poorly are a few things that teens & young adults in school can easily relate to. These things also have one thing in common: BREAKOUTS.

A few SIMPLE things you can do to avoid it from happening!

  • WASH your face EVERY night before bed. This will help pores breathe instead of clogging (also be sure to wash your pillow case regularly).
  • Eat your fruits & veggies! These food groups are full of antioxidants, which keeps the skin clear, smooth and healthy. If you’re going to eat that burger, get the fruit bowl or salad on the side & skip the fries!
  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP! This is something we have heard our entire lives and as we get older we begin to see the reality of it. Our skin needs the rest just as much as our physical mind and bodies. Lack of sleep can really take a toll on the skin as far as blemishes, redness and puffiness goes.
  • Use at home remedies when needed to save on money. There are tons of skin remedies and recipes you can choose from to make your own masks, spot reducers and anti-puffiness…not to mention, most of the ingredients are things you probably already have (ex: honey & cinnamon mask)! Tea Tree oil also works wonders!

Now onto the early mornings…

Hair Styles for Those Mornings You just “Can’t Even”

We are loving this short & super EASY messy bun tutorial by Sophie Says

5 Ways to rock the Half Top Knot by Kayley Melissa


Messy Pompadour – Mens Hair by BluMaan

4 quick Man Buns Tutorial – by The Beauty Wand by Kay

And NOW for the Makeup!

As we all know…natural is IN this year. The “bare” face doesn’t necessarily mean no makeup. Makeup is good, it’s fun and it makes us feel pretty & confident. With that said, we are already most of those things ;)…So, there is no reason to over do it. There are tons of YouTube tutorials on how to achieve this look. So we’ll leave it short with a few images of what you should try to achieve when it comes to the natural makeup look!

Puresthetics offers a FULL menu for women, men & TEENS. Everything from waxing to facials to FULL body treatments.


Wishing you all the BEST at school this year & remember take CARE of yourself 😉 

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