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10 Tips For Transitioning Your Skin Care Into Fall

Autumn is a time when the trees teach us how to let things go and create space for the new. As the leaves fall to the ground and the weather begins to change, our skin is going to begin changing as well. It may begin to look/feel tighter, flakier, red and irritated.

Typically we just grab a heavier moisturizer to soothe the irritation but you may need to have a look at your cleanser and toner as well. Creating the best home care regimen will change as our skin’s needs change with the seasons, age, hormones, lifestyle etc…

Here are a few tips to keep your skin balanced as the changes take place:

1. If you are feeling the effects of the cooler weather try switching to a thicker moisturizer, not just anything, check with your skin care professional to make sure you are using one that is suitable for your specific skin type. Even acne prone skin may need more moisture in the Fall/Winter so make sure you are using one that will not clog or irritate your pores.

2. Try using a humidifier. As the heat goes on in the house, keep the air cool and moist. This will help with all types of skin conditions from eczema to acne. Hydrated skin heals better and faster.

3. Try cutting back on the exfoliants, AHA’s, scrubs etc… If you are using them 2x a day, go down to 1x a day or every other day. If that doesn’t work, try a few times a week. Adjust as necessary.

4. Omega 3 Fish Oils aid in reducing inflammation, heart health and keeping the skin soft and supple. Make sure they are high quality, fresh water fish oils.

5. Water. Water. Water. Drink plenty! Try infusing cucumber or fruit for a tasty change.

6. Skin Oils. Not for acne-prone skin but if you are normal to dry, skin oils like Jojoba and Olive are close to the skin’s natural oil. Use as a pre-cleanse to remove make up or add a drop to your nighttime moisturizer.

7. Switch to a more hydrating cleanser or toner. If you are using these products that contain exfoliants -AHA’s are soapy or foamy you may want to try a more gentle type. Moisturizing toners and gentle cleansers will help keep your skin’s moisture balance in tact.

8. Add Eye Cream to your regimen. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, make sure you are protecting it with a quality cream. For those who are in their 20’s and early 30’s I like to recommend a simple Vitamin E stick for daily use.

9. Avoid using hot water when washing your skin and body this can cause the skin to steam and dehydrate.

10. MASK! Using a nice hydrating mask a couple times a week can really help boost the skin’s hydration levels. Just like we deep condition our hair often, it is a good idea to do this for our skin as well.

If your skin has special needs and is reactive, make sure you check with your esthetician before making changes to your routine. Use quality products on your hair and skin, you will see and feel the difference.

If you have any questions or need help choosing a routine, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help!


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