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What to Look for in a Professional Esthetician

Hello Beauties! 

Have you recently moved, plan on moving or have a job that requires you to travel often? This is a fear for a lot of people that see an esthetician on a regular schedule. Whether it’s for bi-weekly or monthly waxing, or a monthly facial or body treatment. We completely understand building the trust and comfort with someone new can be a little frightening. BUT, we have great news! We’ve conducted a little list of what you should look for when searching for a PROFESSIONAL Esthetician! 

Quick Service:

Estheticians who are experienced and seasoned should be able to give you an amazing service very quickly and super efficiently. They have perfected the craft of skin care and waxing so well they can do it in their sleep! Extractions should be quick and keep your skin clear for weeks and waxing services should be very fast, and not very painful at all! The products they use should be of high professional grade and they don’t have to break the bank either! Great estheticians and business owners truly care about providing you the highest quality without demanding too much of your time.

Hard Wax:

The quality of the products matter. All sensitive areas of the body should be waxed (Soley) with hard wax. This includes Bikini, Underarm, Face, Chest etc.. The only areas I use strip wax are on Legs, Arms and Backs.

Hard wax formulas adhere to the hair shaft and not the skin. In our salon, we use a layer of oil or powder under the wax to ensure comfortably. The Hard Wax grabs on to the hair and removes it quickly without the traumatizing pain from skin damage. Soft Wax or Strip Wax is a thinner layer of wax that is extremely sticky. This technique uses a strip of cloth over the wax and is removed that way. Strip Wax really adheres to the skin as well as the hair, and can really cause damage to the skin causing lifting and tearing to delicate areas. Hard wax is always the best choice and any experienced Esthetician will know this.

Eyebrow Shaping:

When having your eyebrows shaped, if they do not look like you see on magazines then she is not shaping them correctly. I see this everyday, too many licensed estheticians do not know how to properly shape an eyebrow.

The Touch:

Seasoned estheticians will have a gentle but firm sense of touch. They will know when to be firm and when to be gentle. If she is touching you in a way that does not seem natural or her energy is off it is time to fine a new esthetician.

Hard Wax Leg Wax Demo:


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