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Water Is Not A Cleanser

Hello Beauties!
Lately I have been getting a lot of responses to the question “What do you use to cleanse your face at home”. The answer is not what I hope to hear, but many of us are not aware of just how important cleansers are for our at home regimen. When they respond “Water” as a way they are cleansing their face, it is understandable as to why they are experiencing so much dryness and dehydration. When the skin is dry and dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles will show like a billboard on your face. , so it is imperative that we begin investing in a proper regimen at home if we want to maintain a youthful glow for many years to come. Flawless skin does not happen on it’s own, we have to learn our skin, learn how it reacts to things we ingest, environment and products. The more we get to know our skin/bodies, the better we can care for it.

Cleansing is the first step in any home care regimen. If this step if neglected or done incorrectly, the skin will be out of balance and whatever you put on after won’t even matter because you are starting with imbalance, the skin can not be completely receptive to the products you put on if it is stripped, dry or irritated.
Here’s the thing about washing your face with water (not even sure how one can wash with water, that’s more of a rinse). Water evaporates, it’s hear one minute and gone in seconds. When we rinse our skin with water, the molecules merge with the water that is already in your skin. So now the water you put on your face and the water that was already in your skin both evaporate into thin air. Your skin is left with no moisture on the surface at all. What happens here is that if you have an oily skin type, the skin will get confused and think that it needs to produce more oil, so now we have an over production of oil. Blackheads and clogged pores here we come!
If your skin is more on the drier side then you are going to eventually begin seeing fine lines and eventually wrinkles showing up with a quickness! The key to healthy skin is balance. Dry skin should only be using cleansers that are creamy, lotion type, never foaming or gels. You also want to invest in quality toners, serums/moisturizers and eye creams. These habits should begin in your 20’s and continue throughout your life.
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If you need any assistance choosing the cleanser that is correct for your skin type, do not hesitate to reach out to me or comment below.

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