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It’s Time for that New Summer Wardrobe

It’s Time for that New Summer Wardrobe

Summer begins so soon, this month soon and we’ve already found ourselves in beautiful sunny days that beg us to take out our sundresses from the wardrobe! Sadly, clothing is one of the biggest causes of pollution in the world and more often than not, loose labor laws at clothing factories make it easy for companies to use child workers. We do our best to tell you about great clothing boutiques who follow fair trade labor laws and use recycled fabrics, we’ve also got a bunch of really cool ideas on vintage and thrift shopping!

Closet Purge

Ok, so you want to update your summer wardrobe. The first thing to do is clean out your closet! I know, I know, it’s the least fun thing to do but you gotta do it! Put aside clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year, do you think you’ll wear them in the next few months? If the answer is no, put them aside and donate those items to Goodwill or your nearest Salvation Army.

Summer Tones

A lot of the trends we’re seeing this year are natural tones; nudes and light pinks, light greys and linen are definitely making a comeback as are whimsical floral patterns, especially on dresses. These colors are perfect for those humid summer afternoons.

Loose is more!

We’re also loving the loose look! Our favorite places to shop are Reformation, Need Supply, Garmentory and H&M Conscious. We definitely love H&M Conscious as prices are more affordable and they have a wider range of sizes.


And let’s talk about jumpsuits for a moment: hands-down, one of the best trends of all time. Jumpsuits are perfect for a day at the beach to a night out on the town. They’re comfortable, sexy and are pretty adaptable to any body size!


Recently, I’ve been making weekly trips to my local Goodwill and have found some incredible pieces. Goodwill, or any thrift shop is great for finding linen pieces and 100% cotto
n pieces like flowy blouses and pants. I’ve also found some incredible vintage dresses with the most beautiful print. Don’t be afraid to thrift, you’re always able to find something wonderful!

What are or have been your favorite summer trends? Let us know!

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