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The BEST Eyebrow Styles & Shapes!

The BEST Eyebrow Styles & Shapes

for 2016

Eyebrow waxing can dramatically change the entire look of your face. A great eyebrow shape will open up your eye area and make your eye look wider. As you know, eyebrows are already shaped very nicely with somewhat of a rectangular shape with a beautiful arch…however, there is still a proper way to shape an eyebrow. 2016 has been named the year to enhance and experiment with your natural brows!

When searching for a brow specialist, first and foremost, go to a licensed esthetician (please do not go to these quick nail shops for your waxing), next make sure she has nice eyebrows herself (she should be a walking billboard for her work) and last but not least, she should be using a great quality wax (we use hard wax at Puresthetics) perhaps one with a soy base. The wax should be warm, not hot and should not burn or remove any skin or leave any scabs.

Eyelash Magazine is a favorite and an easy “go to” at Puresthetics. They keep you up to date on all the latest and hottest eyelash and brow looks/shapes each season! We loved their May-June issue so much that we wanted to share some of it with you! Below are a few snips from their “Best In Brow” article.

The Smokey Brow:

“This is a smudgy effect and calls for a good powder and lots of blending to bring soft fullness to naturally skinny brows”. (according to Eyelash Magazine, this is one of the HOTTEST looks for 2016 so far)

“-Start with a primer to help pigments adhere to brows and the underlying skin.

-Add blendable, buildable color with a selection of complementary hues you can use alone or together (for day or evening looks).

-Then blend repeatedly to deposit color evenly.

-Finish with a swipe of clear gel to lock in the look.

The Brushed-Up Brow:

“Runway models for nearly every major designer wore their brows brushed up in the spring shows. The look is bohemian-chic and fantastic both day and night, but if your brows are sparse or thin, it’s tough to achieve”.

-Brush brows upward and inward (towards the nose) so they look fuller and stand up.

-Try a waterproof brow liner to make brows look denser and fuller, plus a spoolie brush for the brushed up look.

-Use short, feathery pencil strokes to hide any sparse spots.

-Minimize blending and lock in the shape with a brow gel.

The Straight Brow:

“This is a cool new trend that looks futuristic, strong and makes a big statement. This type of brow works well with longer face shapes and close-set eyes that still command a wide space”.

-Use an eyebrow defining pencil with an angled brush to enhance the volume.

The straight brow tends to look better with fuller shaped brows. When brows are too thin and straight, they can look overdone and fail to frame the eyes. Adding the symmetry is key.

-Get the look using a tint/gel combo

-Be sure the brows do not visually sit too low on the forehead (if they are too low & too straight, they can crowd the eyes and create a harsh, dark look).

-Apply highlighter just under the brow line and blend thoroughly for instant lift and brightness.

The Classic Brow:

Technically, this look isn’t a’s classic, it doesn’t go out of style simply because it suits every woman!

“It’s youthful, sophisticated and universally the most flattering brow. With oval or round faces, the right arch creates the perfect sharp angles on the face”.

-Keep brows as full as possible while adding shape and arch. This creates a perfect frame and subtle lift for the eye.

-Use tri-toned brow powders to fill in any gaps while maintaining a natural-looking arch.

As long as you are in a regular routine shape up for your brows, this look never goes out of style.

-Keep your look on-trend by hiding sparse spots and maintaining symmetry with flattering, blendable brow pencils

-Bring on the brightness; it’s essential that classically arched brows be accentuated with a swath of brightening highlighter just below the brow bone.

-Finish by blending the highlighter seamlessly into the brows


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