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Teen Waxing – Everything You Need to Know

Teen Waxing

(& Everything You Need to Know About it!)

Among teens and preteens, hair removal can be a sensitive and tricky subject to tackle (emotionally and physically)! A typical question among parents with teens is “what age should they be allowed to shave”? But, there are many parents who may not want to go down that route and may find themselves wondering if waxing is a viable alternative.

If you’re evaluating your teen’s hair removal options, here are several things to consider about waxing:

Is Your Child/Teen Feeling Self-Conscious?

If you’re wondering whether to let your teen get waxed, ultimately it depends on why they want and/or need it. Most people will agree that the main reason to allow your pre-teen/teen to get waxed is because they are feeling self-conscious about their body. If it’s clear that huge caterpillars are over their eyes, the issue can be easily taken care of!

Example: A mother agrees, saying she initially set a minimum age requirement of 16 before her daughters could wax or shave. “This was working fine for my older daughter; she never had an issue with it,” she says. “However my younger girl had quite thick, dark hair on her legs, and she was getting teased about it at school. It got to the point where she didn’t want to go to school, and was in tears about the teasing. She was 12 at the time. So I had to make a decision: what was going to be more harmful to her in the long run — waxing/shaving her legs or having her education disrupted and her confidence hurt by the teasing? When I looked at it that way, it was no longer an issue for me.”

It Minimizes Hair Growth

Waxing is advantageous because it reduces hair growth over time. Hair is hereditary, and it’s true, some people are just born with extremely dark and thick hair!  Shaving only makes things worse over time. You have to do it more often and the hair gets thicker, darker, and more coarse. Waxing will help reduce the hair growth and make it much more thin and less noticeable. A lot of people will start off with home waxing kits when a child suggests they want to start waxing, but in reality…a professional bi-monthly waxing visit is much more cost efficient and keeps the hair growth clean and tidy!

You Can Bond Over a “Pamper Day”

As an added bonus to waxing, the sessions can be good time for bonding! A fun day out, laughing, getting pampered and connecting with each other!

Give Your Child Options

Ultimately, when determining whether your daughter/son should wax, parents should talk to them about the reasons for doing it. Discuss what it feels like, as well as all of the hair removal options. There are ups and downs to shaving, waxing, or using other hair removal methods. Offering a choice of sensible options will help your child make the right choice for themselves!

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