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Manifestation Through Vision Boards

Last weekend I attended an awesome vision board manifestation workshop in NYC. It was hosted by OmNoire, a social wellness community for women of color. Also in attendance and hosting was @xonecole aka Necole Kane, a blogger who started her career with a gossip site and held it for years until she decided to live more consciously and create a women’s lifestyle blog for women of color called
As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, this year is all about intentions for me. I completely believe in the power of manifestation and I am clear that in order to manifest your dreams, you have to intend to do so. Being intentional about your life is how you change it. When I saw on social media that this event was taking place, I immediately jumped on it, bought a ticket and booked a flight. There were two options, one was just to come to the vision board workshop and the other started early and included breakfast with about 25 other women and the hosts. Honestly, the real reason for me wanting to attend was not for the vision board piece, but to be able to network with Necole and her publicist Christina.

A week before the event, I had been meditating on that day. I wanted a natural connection to happen between me and any other women who I was supposed to connect with. So I arrive a little early and sat down next to a woman from California (my home town) and we sparked up a conversation. Within minutes, Necole, one of the hosts walked right up to me and started talking, I introduced myself and we continued to talk about business and life. I want to say that I couldn’t believe that she came up to me like that and we had a great convo, but I believe that when I meditate on something, it is going to happen, and it always does.
Now this weekend (in my head) was about networking and connecting with some very influential women, and I did, but the universe works in mysterious ways. A friend of mine contacted me earlier in the week, and when she found out that I was going to be in NY, she said we must do dinner, and of course I agreed. She is also a powerful entrepreneur in the HR space and our dinner conversation was just magical. We learned, shared, laughed and had frosty margaritas, it was a blessed evening. I knew that I would be blessed by the vision board workshop but I wasn’t prepared to come away feeling so full after dinner with a girlfriend.
I absolutely believe in the power of manifestation, I have manifested my entire life thus far, and will continue to live my dreams through visualization and meditation. What we think and feel is what we attract into our lives, it’s the Law Of Attraction. What I love most about this universal law is that you don’t have to believe in it for it to be true, it just is. Creating vision boards is a powerful way to manifest what you want to attract into your life. Simply, take a poster board and cut out images if things you want to manifest. Cut them out and paste them on the board. Leave space for your board to grow, as we grow, the board will evolve as well. Dream big! Set your intensions, make them clear, and work on becoming your best self.
Do you have a vision board? I’d love to hear about it!

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