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We are 3 dimensional beings, physical, mental and spiritual. All 3 of these aspects of us need to be cultivated and given special attention daily, weekly, often. When one is lacking, we are out of balance and that will reflect in our outer world. Anything that is happening in our life is a direct reflection of what’s going on within us.
I love learning new things, it makes me feel empowered, alive. I get so fired up and excited when I meet new people or listen to a new podcast or read a new book that gives me a different perspective on life, business, myself. We don’t know everything, infact, we know nothing. We are all believing in a paradigm that we have been taught since birth. Be it a religion, society, the media, family, all of these things have taught us what to believe and how to think/process information. When we become an adult (if we were not taught these things as a child) it is our duty to become aware of self and the world around us. Becoming aware that what we have been taught, may not be the truth, allows us to remain open to the possibilities of life. It allows the creative life force (God) to be able to come in and teach us a new way, give us a new perspective.
Nobody is ever wrong, people are only operating from their own levels of consciousness. This is why I never argue or fight with anyone, if we can’t disagree in a loving, respectful manner, then the conversation does not deserve my energy. When we begin to raise our vibration and shift our paradigm people will try to remind us of the person we used to be. This is why knowledge is power (applied knowledge) because when you know in your soul what resonates to be the truth, stand firm in that. Don’t allow anyone to tell you who you are or make you think your crazy for what you know. Listening and looking at things from another perspective is very healthy, but if that information does not sit well with your soul, simply do not accept it.
We need to be very intentional about our lives. Nothing happens unless we do the work, NOTHING.
A few ways I’m doing work in my own life are:
#1 for my PHYSICAL – Working out daily, 7 Days a week keeps my heart strong, hormones balanced and I believe that a strong body = strong mind. I treat life like a marathon, and I am the athlete running the race. Even if it’s just stretching or gentle yoga, something needs to be done daily. I need my body to be fit and strong so I can get up in the morning and smash the day! Eating healthy is another way that I honor my temple, I’m no vegan or vegetarian but I try to make conscious choices when I put food in my mouth.
#2 For my MIND – My mental health is a top priority in my life. Keeping your mind sharp and drama free will bring you so much happiness. Learning daily helps me evolve and grow, it brings me joy, gives me something to share, makes me interesting to other people. My favorite way to learn is by listening to podcasts and audiobooks.
Here are a few I’m listening to right now: Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations is the podcast version of Super Soup Sunday on the OWN network. So many amazing interviews with influential teachers from around the world. This is like my church service on Sundays.
Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert is an inspiring podcast where Elizabeth guides guests through stepping into their passions, letting go of fear and listening to the calling that is inside of all of us. She gives them clear instructions to assist them in pushing through to the next level in their personal journey and move past fears and limitations holding them back from living their best life.
Optimal Living is a series of podcasts and they are all fabulous! All of them are no more than 7-12 minutes so they are super easy to digest while your on the go. The speaker reads different podcast from some of the best writers around. Check it out, I’m sure you’re going to love it!

#3 For my Spirit – Awareness, Self Love, Meditation. These are the catalyst for spiritual growth and transformation. I️ am learning to remove or move away from anyone or anything that does not serve my greater good. Anything that does not lift me higher, make me feel alive, loved, I️ remove myself from it, maybe not forever but until the vibe is right. I️ am practicing patience in my life, with myself, others and my journey. This is a way for me to remain completely aware and strengthen spiritual muscles that I’m not used to using. I’m reading more about how to master my mind, it likes to wander off often, and it is my job to keep it in check. If the mind is not controlled it will have us thinking many things like we’re not good enough, loved or worthy. When the mind is out of control we are very reactive emotionally. This is a dangerous state for me to be in because all of my energy is spent reacting to people and things that I can not control, total waste. I have things to do, children to raise and a business to run, I simply can not exert energy where it is wasted. Must be mindful, every minute.
We are either growing or dying, the choice is up to us. Let’s keep our minds sharp and alert now, in 2018 and every year thereafter. Take a class, read a book, venture out and meet new people ( is great for that!)
In one of the Facebook groups I am a member, they shared a fabulous list of free courses from many of the top colleges. Amazing!
Check it out HERE and see if any course sparks your interest.
Have you learned anything lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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