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Professional Eyebrow Waxing

Professional Eyebrow Waxing

Hello beauties! Summer is sneaking up on us, which mean HOT & HUMID weather! One of the many reasons the NATURAL look is in right now. When you think natural, the first thing that comes to mind is very little make-up…so of course you want clear skin ANDDDD you guessed it, GOOD EYEBROWS!

It seems in this day, people can go almost anywhere to have their eyebrows done. The difference is…

Puresthetics does not do $8 brows…WE FIX $8 BROWS!

We genuinely care about what you want and how they look! So we have gathered some information and put some together ourselves to help you understand what to look for before getting your eyebrows waxed/teased/threaded (or whichever you choose).

First and Foremost:

Getting your eyebrows done should not be a scary experience! You should feel comfortable and confiedent right away. Puresthetics & most upscale salons or spas will lead you into a private room onto a facial bed where you will lay down. Your hair will then be wrapped in a towel or simply pushed back with a headband. A bright facial and magnifying light will be turned on to see the brows closely. Some salons that mostly specialize in hair services, simply clip hair back and do the waxing at the shampoo bowl…


At this time they should consult with you on how you want your eyebrows shaped. Do you like them full and defined, just cleaned up, or a large arch? The technician/esthetician should never just start waxing away at your brows without knowing how you want them.

If needed, your brows will be trimmed with scissors. Don’t be scared and think they are taking your entire brows away. The scissors simply remove the excess bulk and make the brows look very clear.
They will cleanse your eyebrow area then apply the wax (we use HARD WAX for eyebrows). When hardened, the hard wax is removed very quickly with minimal pain. Your first wax may hurt a tad, but will get better each time. The hair underneath, in the middle of brows and on top (if you wish) will be removed.


Wax cleanser will be applied to remove any residue, and a skin soother helps calm skin and ease redness. Any tiny hairs that were missed by the wax will be cleaned up with tweezers to fine-tune the brows. The technician will then give you a mirror so you can see how your brows look, it’s best to be honest about any adjustments you may want. If you like the way they’re shaped, make a standing appointment. Your brows will always look great, and never over-grown!

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See you soon!

*Love & Light*


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