All of the treatments at Puresthetics are customizable and will be tailored to fit your needs. No two skins are exactly alike and for this reason, I stay flexible during treatments and make sure I am giving the best service to each individual client. I have been practicing esthetics for over 20 years now and am also 5 star rated for my brazilian style body waxing and deep pore cleansing facial treatments.


As an acne specialist, all of my facials are geared towards removing clogged oil trapped under the surface, rehydrating unbalanced skin and reducing inflammation. These treatments are performed in my Cary NC office. I have several skin care programs available to help you achieve the glow you deserve. I also have an online acne bootcamp that is a 7 week course available 24/7 at your convenience. 



My waxing technique is very quick and as painless as possible. I am meticulous when it comes to waxing and I make sure all the hair is removed, no breakage and you leave with smooth, clean skin. I use an exclusive Hard Wax formula that I have made by a chemist up in New Hampshire out of Brazilian Pine Resin. This wax is super gentle, leaves absolutely NO residue and any redness is gone within an hour! It is extremely rare that my clients have any reaction after waxing.
When the treatment is finished, you will have a look and make sure you are completely satisfied before leaving my office.


Some of my most popular treatments are:

Acne Clarifying Treatments

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Vitamin C Anti-Aging

Chemical Peels


Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow Tinting

Puresthetics Acne Bootcamp




Struggling with Acne, blemishes and uneven skin tone?


Here’s the solution!


Prescription medications can wreak havoc on your entire system, leaving many side effects that linger for many years.


Don’t waste your time with over the counter fads that don’t work, try a proven acne clearing program will get you clear in 3-6 months.


As a Certified Acne Specialist, I am passionate about treating problem skin and helping you achieve glowing healthy skin! When you join my acne bootcamp, I will work alongside you to track your progress, recommend products, adjust your homecare regimen, and perform bi-weekly acne treatments with extractions.


Begin your path to CLEAR and HEALTHY skin by booking a CONSULTATION w/ TREATMENT


  •  Say Goodbye to prescription medications
  •  Boost your self confidence
  •  Learn healthy habits to manage your acne


Step 1. Schedule Consultation w/ Treatment which includes:

 A customized treatment plan for your specific skin type

 Skin sensitivity test

 Comprehensive review of your lifestyle, medical and skin history

 Photos of your skin to track progress

 Enzyme or Chemical Peel treatment (depending on sensitivity)

 A complete folder to take home with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations


After your initial consultation and treatment you will receive a treatment plan specifically for your acne type. Treatment plans come complete with instructions on how and when to use your products correctly.


All products are 100% acne safe, contain no pore clogging ingredients and are customized to your skin type and severity of acne.


Step 2. Bi-Weekly Follow up appointments (best done in the office, also virtual Skype calls available) Each follow up treatment includes:


  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Hydration
  • High Frequency and ultra violet lights are also used to kill the acne causing bacteria in your pores.


While you are enrolled in Puresthetics Bootcamp, your skin will go through many positive changes and you can expect to be clear (or close to clear) in 3-6 months!


Bootcamp Costs


Initial Consultation + Treatment – 90min – $250

Follow Up Acne Treatments  – 45min – $120

First Set Of Home Care Products – $150  to $180


“Skin Care Is A Ritual For Self-Love”