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Summertime Smoothie Bowls

Summertime Smoothie Bowls

by: Jeannine Erasmus

Summer is around the corner and the warm weather is already here. And what’s better in the summertime than fresh fruits and vegetables? If you haven’t headed over to your local farmer’s market recently, we suggest you check it out this weekend! You’ll find bright red strawberries and the bluest, sweetest blueberries you’ve ever had. Instead of getting your fruits at the grocery store, why not try your farmers market first? You’ll be supporting local farmers as well as getting the freshest fruit you can get. This summer, we’ll focus on quick but healthy meals for the whole family!

And what to do with all that fruit?

This may sound silly, but my second favorite thing to do with my fresh fruit (second to immediately eating the fruit on the car ride home) is to freeze them! Why you ask? For smoothie bowls! Not only are the beautiful, they’re packed with incredible amounts of nutrients (depending on what you add to them!). Smoothie bowls are perfect for a quick breakfast, they’re great after a tough workout or even as a dessert when you’re craving something sweet. In this post, we’ll talk about all the different ways to make smoothie bowls! We hope that you’ll share your creations with us on Instagram @purestheticsusa.

The only tool you need

To make a smoothie bowl, you’ll need a food processor or a blender, either one work. That’s it! Now for the fun part!

The base

You can either buy your fruits already frozen, Trader Joe’s has a great selection of organic frozen fruits that won’t tear a hole through your wallet. (When possible, buy organic!) If you prefer fresh fruits, that’s fine too, just cut them up when you get home and place them in the freezer. They’ll take about a day to fully freeze. You can also buy veggies for your smoothie bowls. The ones we’ve found that work best are fresh kale and baby spinach leaves.

Add ins

Get creative!
To sweeten your smoothie bowl: Don’t add refined sugar! Fruits like bananas and mangoes are already sweet enough, but if you’re looking for an extra sweetness, use a tablespoon of raw local honey, natural maple syrup or a 2-3 dates.
To get a bit of protein: Try adding ground flax seeds, chia seeds, or nut butters like almond or cashew! Don’t be afraid of fat—fat is good! Just be careful to watch your proportions, 1-2 tablespoons of nut butters will do just fine.
Now something to smooth it out: We love using coconut milk in our smoothie bowls! You can find a light and regular version of coconut milk at Trader Joe’s. You can also use almond, hemp or soy milk.
A lil something extra: One of our favorite things to add to our smoothies is raw cocoa powder or cocoa nibs, especially if you’re looking for a sweet, healthy treat! And if you really need that extra bit of energy, try adding a shot of espresso or a few tablespoons of strong drip coffee! (if you do this, go lighter on the “milk”)
Now, just blend! And viola, you have a beautiful smoothie! But just one more thing…
What about those toppings: Once you’ve blended your smoothie and placed it in your serving bowl, get creative by adding a few nuts, seeds, dried fruit or shaved coconut to the top!

We love getting creative with our smoothies and urge you to do the same! But if this is your first smoothie bowl, here are a few of our favorite combinations:
Tropical mango bowl: 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen mango and ½ cup frozen blueberries, add half a cup of coconut milk and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Blend until smooth. Place in bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds down the middle and add a tablespoon of almond and cashew butter on the side.
Peanut butter chocolate bowl: 2 frozen bananas, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 shot of espresso, a little less than half a cup of almond milk, 2 dates. Blend until smooth and place in bowl. Sprinkle a bit of cocoa nibs and unsweetened shredded coconut over the top, and if you want an extra crunch, chop a few peanuts and sprinkle over the top.
Happy blending!

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