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Here are my favorite products on the market right now! They will assist you in achieving healthy skin, create more mindfulness in your life and overall balance in your mind, body and soul. All available on Amazon!


When it comes to a healthy system, we just do not get enough nutrients with our daily diet. A lot of the food we eat has been tampered with, added to and depleted of its vital vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human body.
With acne it is imperative that we consume a noninflammatory diet as much as possible. We need to take supplements in order to replenish what we are not receiving from food.

Here are my favorite brands and supplements that will reduce inflammation, aid in digestion and help your body function optimally. I am not a Dr, so you will want to check with your physician regarding any concerns.


I love to read a lot. I believe that readers are leaders. You learn so much when you listen to audiobooks or turn the pages of a great book. There is so much information out there, we can learn anything if we just apply ourselves. I love reading about higher consciousness, how to become a more aware, loving human. I also read a lot about business, marketing and how to grow a successful brand. Here are some of my favorite books I have read and have helped me along my journey. I will be adding and deleting to this list as time goes on so check back regularly.


We are 3 part beings, physical, spiritual, and mental. All 3 of these make up the human body, and make you, you. Most of the time we are focused more on one than the other, but this is what sets our lives out of balance and creates chaos and suffering. It is so important that we cultivate healthy self care and mindfulness habits and rituals so we are better able to navigate this space we call earth/home.

I work on myself daily, practicing meditation and a lot of self awareness. This allows my spirit to grow and expand. I exercise daily to keep my blood flowing and my heart strong, this body is my temple and I need to feel my best every day so I am able to execute my goals.

These are some of my favorite companies and tools I use to create a more mindful, balanced mind.


Tea is a daily ritual in my home. It’s the first thing I drink when I wake up, I fill my travel mug for work and I have a relaxing tea in the evening. There are so many health benefits from tea (specifically green tea). It lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, is extremely high in antioxidants (great for skin cells, hair, nails) and great for heart health. It’s also excellent for healthy digestion. I have a large collection of teapots and teacups, I like to purchase them along my travels, they are so beautiful and exotic.

Here are some of my favorite teas and accessories. I always drink loose leaf tea rather than teabags, the quality is far superior when you drink/steep the entire leaf as opposed to the bags where the tea is ground into dust. With the loose leaf tea you can continue steeping it over and over again for a couple days, just add more hot water and enjoy. HTML:


These are some of the items I use at home, in my office or on my body to keep my skin hydrated and acne free and my space peaceful.

Here you will find my top pics for make up, equipment and anything else I find helpful. I hope you enjoy!