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2017 In Review

Each year I learn more and more about myself and the world around me. 2017 was another great year with many valuable lessons learned. I’ve had my skin care business for 10 years now but I have only been trying to grow it for the past 3, like really putting effort forth to learn the business side of running a skin care company. My brain works in more of a creative way, not so much analytical or numbers, but I had to buckle down and learn this aspect of the business if I am going to continue to stay in business. I never went to business school or college for that matter but I am very savvy and extremely hard working. Hard work always beats out smarts when smart does not know how to work. I am determined to grow and create a life that brings me peace and allows me the freedom to do and go where I want.
This process has been very difficult at times but also very rewarding. Several assistants have come and gone, business has gone up and down but still I forge ahead. It takes time to find your purpose in this life (or for your purpose to find you), and that is what I truly want is to be living and fulfilling my purpose. These are the 3 most important things I learned last year:

Trust your gut instincts and follow through quickly.

I feel like we always know the right thing to do in every situation but we question and second guess that knowing inside of us. In business and in life I have learned to make decisions quickly and move forward. Even if that decision isn’t the best, I am moving forward and that is better than being stagnant, there is no growth in stagnation. Trusting your instincts (which is ultimately yourself) is not always easy when we are not used to it. It takes a lot of practice loving, trusting, caring for ourself. But I have realized that making decisions, being decisive is key if we are going to move our business and our lives forward.

Do not keep people in your life longer than they need to be there.

This has taken a lot of practice for me as well but I am getting much better. I used to keep people around for years. This is when I wasn’t as strong spiritually and didn’t love or care for myself as much as I do now. Now, I’ve gotten it down to about 6 months. When I really care about someone I can be blinded by my emotions and my nurturing instincts will want to help and care for people who’s intensions are not good for me. I’ve realized that humans are selfish, self centered and ego driven. Most of us are hurting and searching for help, guidance a place to dump our crap. I also know that most people we come in contact with are not supposed to remain in our lives for a long period of time. People come for a season, reason, or a lifetime. Some may come for a day, year, decade but when it time for them to go, we must let them go and not hold onto them. Detach. In our evolution everyone can not come, they will not be moving at the same pace all of the time, they may not be able to keep up.

You are capable of creating anything in this life you desire. Keep people around you that feel like love.

2017 marked 10 years for me having my own business. Last year I had an assistant whom I believed I needed to help me run my business. I allowed them to have access to intimate parts of my business and when I had to let them go, I wasn’t confident that I would be able to accomplish the goals I had planned for the remainder of year without her. One thing about me is that when my back is against the wall, I get a burst of motivation and I come up swinging! I made sure that I had a wonderful celebration of 10 years in business and I am now more confident in my abilities as a woman, leader and business owner. I now know that I have so much inside of me that needs to be created and brought to the forefront, I am clear that my business is so much more than just facials and waxing. I am here to share, assist women and young girls who are suffering from acne, lack of self love, confidence and help them cultivate habits of self care.

I believe that good skin care begins on the inside of our mind bodies and souls. It’s all about wellness as we progress here at Puresthetics. I want for women and young girls to learn how to put themselves first, fill our own cups first so that we have enough to give to others. We can not pour from an empty vessel. Let us be hyper intentional about creating practices in our lives that nurture our spirits, take care of our mental health, give ourselves space and time, gentleness. We are life givers, Queens, the portal from the spiritual dimension into this earthly realm.
Know that you are loved, know that YOU ARE LOVE

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